Hany Abu Assad’s ‘Omar’ – Deconstructing Two States

Hany Abu Assad’s new film Omar won the best film award at the Dubai International Film Festival last week, cementing his reputation as one of the foremost Arab directors of the moment. His Paradise Now (2006) won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign language film, and it received an Oscar nomination in the same category. Omar won a jury prize in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes this year. So Abu Assad’s work comes with a lot of expectations. Continue reading Hany Abu Assad’s ‘Omar’ – Deconstructing Two States

Bahrain – “a hi-tech device” : Part I

I met AbdulLatif Al Mahmoud, the one-time opposition figure who emerged with the National Unity Rally after the protest movement was underway in Bahrain. The Rally was suddenly the government’s answer to the protest movement and the mass opposition movement Wefaq, which was depicted more and more as a sectarian movement aimed against Sunnis. Sunnis and true patriots joined the Rally, the official thinking is. Here’s the first part of what he said (highlights from Part II – Wefaq dragged its feet in talks cos  it was waiting for the Mahdi to come). Enjoy… Continue reading Bahrain – “a hi-tech device” : Part I