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Bahrain uprising: What went wrong?

Wednesday, 15. June 2011 18:47

In a room overlooking the waters of the Gulf in Manama, the leader of Bahrain’s largest opposition party ponders a troubling question: Did he throw away a chance for the first real democracy in the Gulf Arab region?

Over two months after the government brought in Saudi forces to help break up a protest movement unlike anything the ruling Gulf Arab dynasties had seen before, many Bahrainis wonder if the question haunts Sheikh Ali Salman like no other.

[VN320090 Salman interview] […]

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Sectarian divide widens after Bahrain unrest

Thursday, 9. June 2011 2:41

By Andrew Hammond

MANAMA | Thu Jun 9, 2011 10:17am BST

(Reuters) – Sectarian tension between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims has reached new heights in Bahrain after pro-democracy protests that the Sunni minority government crushed with martial law and foreign military forces. […]

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Bahrain Shi’ites talk of abuse under martial law

Wednesday, 1. June 2011 2:43

By Andrew Hammond

MANAMA | Wed Jun 1, 2011 6:07pm BST

(Reuters) – Bahraini Shi’ites say they have endured a reign of terror during 11 weeks of martial law imposed to break up a pro-democracy movement that for the first time threatened the control of a Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab dynasty.

Martial law was lifted on Wednesday. The authorities hope this will show investors and tourists that the island state is back to normal. Shi’ite dissidents fear repression will go on. […]

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