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The Islamic Utopia: some snippets

Thursday, 25. October 2012 12:37

Here is a chapter list and short bits of random text:


“Given the brutal police states that some of the nation-state regimes in the Arab region became, Saudi Arabia could have been viewed as an indigenous model that survived colonialism: the Najd region where the Saudi-Wahhabi state first emerged in the mid-eighteenth century was one of the few areas of the Arabian peninsula to avoid direct European control and imperial subjugation. Indeed, since the oil boom of the 1970s, white- and blue-collar labour from around the world clamoured to live in Saudi Arabia for a job, a better wage and a better living. Saudis are ensured education and welfare coverage in a relatively safe and clean environment; the Muslim is offered sanitised access to certain aspects of modernity – fast-food restaurants, high-tech gadgetry, the internet, designer home furnishings. Only Westerners complain because there is no easy, regularised access to branded alcohol and corporatised nightlife. […]

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Al Qaeda goes underground in Yemen against U.S.-driven crackdown

Tuesday, 23. October 2012 3:14

By Andrew Hammond

ADEN | Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:05pm EDT

(Reuters) – A U.S.-backed military onslaught may have driven Islamist militants from towns in Yemen they seized last year, but many have regrouped into “sleeper cells” threatening anew the areas they vacated, security officials and analysts say.

Soldiers are seen in a building damaged during fighting between the army and al Qaeda-linked militants in Zinjibar, the provincial capital of Yemen's southern province of Abyan, after the army retook it from the militants June 18, 2012. REUTERS-Khaled Abdullah […]

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Yemeni debate over drones emerges after Saleh’s fall

Wednesday, 17. October 2012 3:12

By Andrew Hammond

SANAA | Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:30am EDT

(Reuters) – Yemen’s interim president has won U.S. praise for cooperating in a war on al Qaeda, but his recent public support for drone strikes that sometimes kill civilians could undermine his domestic popularity and stir sympathy for militants. […]

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Wary Yemen refugees returning to former Qaeda-run towns

Wednesday, 17. October 2012 3:06

By Andrew Hammond

JAAR, Yemen | Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:00pm IST

(Reuters) – Yemenis who fled the fighting after al Qaeda militants occupied their home towns are now under pressure to go home, but many are hesitating for fear of the group’s lingering influence despite assurances that the area east of Aden is now safe.

Around 150,000 people left Jaar and Zinjibar after militants calling themselves the Ansar al-Sharia swept in between March and May 2011, taking advantage of a security vacuum during an uprising against then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh. […]

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A Book is Born

Tuesday, 16. October 2012 20:23

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Middle East Studies

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South Yemen separatists see new chance after Saleh’s demise

Thursday, 11. October 2012 3:19

By Andrew Hammond

ADEN | Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:25pm EDT

(Reuters) – Yemeni separatist leaders, exploiting a weakening of central authority and freer political atmosphere since a national uprising last year, have returned from exile to rally support for reviving the state of South Yemen.

Secessionists in the south, Houthi Islamist tribal rebels in the north and al Qaeda militants all benefited from the popular upheaval in the Arabian Peninsula country that ousted veteran strongman president Ali Abdullah Saleh in February. […]

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FEATURE-Houthi rebels seen gaining new influence in Yemen

Wednesday, 3. October 2012 3:15

By Andrew Hammond

SANAA, Oct 3 (Reuters) – When riots erupted this month over an anti-Islam film made in California, Houthi rebels, long confined to remote corners of Yemen by then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, covered the capital Sanaa in posters, banners and graffiti denouncing the United States.

Western diplomats and Sunni Islamists were taken aback by the sudden show of strength in a city from which the Shi’ite rebel group had long been banished. […]

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Analysis: After U.S. embassy attack, West uneasy over Saleh’s role

Monday, 1. October 2012 3:17

By Andrew Hammond

SANAA | Mon Oct 1, 2012 6:51am EDT

(Reuters) – Seven months after he reluctantly handed over the presidency, Ali Abdullah Saleh’s continuing sway over Yemen is worrying Gulf neighbors and Western nations who fear that the political transition could descend into chaos. […]

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