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A case for one state – by a two-stater

Tuesday, 31. December 2013 22:08

A recent conference on “Israel and the changing Middle East”, organised by the Anglo-Israel Association (with a few other sponsors) offered a fascinating insight into the concerns of Zionist Israelis and their views of the historical conflict with Arab Palestinians at this point – with Oslo’s clear failure to produce a resolution while settlement building in the West Bank and extensive incorporation of the territory into the fabric of Israeli politics and society continues apace, and Gaza remains under a state of manufactured separation from its Israeli-Palestinian environs. […]

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Hany Abu Assad’s ‘Omar’ – Deconstructing Two States

Tuesday, 31. December 2013 20:58

Hany Abu Assad’s new film Omar won the best film award at the Dubai International Film Festival last week, cementing his reputation as one of the foremost Arab directors of the moment. His Paradise Now (2006) won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign language film, and it received an Oscar nomination in the same category. Omar won a jury prize in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes this year. So Abu Assad’s work comes with a lot of expectations. […]

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Documentary looks at Kafr al-Dewar events in Egypt, 1952

Saturday, 14. December 2013 13:01

Egyptian documentary film-maker Mohamed Elkaliouby has delved into one of the most controversial yet illuminating incidents of modern Egyptian history – the workers strikes of Kafr al-Dewar in August 1952. The mobilization for better wages and conditions led to a clashes with police and an infamous trial during which two young men, Mostafa Khamis and Hasan AlBakary were sentenced to death. […]

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