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BBC: Saudi princes tweet discontent

Friday, 30. May 2014 2:33

Feature by BBC Monitoring on 29 May
As the senior members of the Saudi royal family approach their nineties a change to the succession, and government reshuffles involving members of the family, have caused discontent among some Saudi princes. In the absence of other outlets, they have taken to Twitter to make their views known. One particular target for their anger is the head of the Royal Court and King Abdallah’s personal secretary, Khalid al-Tuwayjiri. […]

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Saudi Arabia and Iran Policy: In Terra Nova

Saturday, 17. May 2014 18:41


In its modern iteration, Saudi Arabia has been through several crises of varying nature and intensity. But none quite resemble that which a convergence of circumstances have created in the era of the Arab uprisings. A combination of factors including the brutal war in Syria have threatened Saudi Arabia’s alliance with the United States, leaving the Saudi leadership in a precarious global position and opening up questions about its relationship with other Arab states. […]

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NOW.: What Saudi-Iran talks could mean for Lebanon and the region

Friday, 16. May 2014 18:50

From NOW. Lebanon

In a potentially momentous surprise move that could herald an alleviation of political and sectarian conflict across the Middle East, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal announced on Tuesday an invitation to his Iranian counterpart to travel to Riyadh to enter negotiations over the rival countries’ “differences.” […]

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