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If there is anyone who can write knowledgeably and intelligently …

(As’ad AbuKhalil, Department of Politics,)

Fascinating. Reconciles the demands of scholarly depth with keen personal …

(Larbi Sadiki, Senior Lecturer in Middle )

A timely and insightful book exposing the many myths underpinning …

(Dr Christopher M. Davidson, Reader in Mi)

(Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief Al-Qud)

The Islamic Utopia
The Illusion of Reform in Saudi Arabia

Product Description

Will Saudi Arabia join the democratic wave in the Middle East? The uprisings and revolutions of 2011 do not, yet, seem to have affected the stability of the House of Saud, which remains secretive, highly repressive and propped up by the West.

The Islamic Utopia uses a range of sources including first-hand reporting and recently released WikiLeaks documents to examine Saudi Arabia in the decade after the 9/11 attacks, when King Abdullah’s ‘reform’ agenda took centre stage in public debate. It considers Saudi claims of ‘exemption’ from the democratic demands of the Arab Spring.

Andrew Hammond argues that for too long Western media and governments have accepted Saudi leaders’ claims to be a buttress against jihadist Islam and that a new policy is needed towards the House of Saud.

About The Author

Andrew Hammond is a senior correspondent for a global news agency, currently based in Dubai. He is the author of What The Arabs Think of America (2008) and Popular Culture in the Arab World (2007), and was the agency bureau chief in Saudi Arabia for several years.

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