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Art in the Gulf: “better to have it than not”

Thursday, 23. May 2013 22:07

Youssef Nabil has made a career of immortalizing the famous in a unique photo-art style that has made him the belle of the ball on the international art circuit. Artist in residence at La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris from 2003, then based in New York since 2006, Nabil started out in Cairo in the early 1990s with experiments in photography based on the colour tinting of old Egyptian portrait studios. […]

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Abu Dhabi ascendant as debt spoils Dubai’s “model”

Thursday, 26. November 2009 20:17

By Andrew Hammond – Analysis

DUBAI | Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:29pm EST

(Reuters) – Dubai’s debt troubles have exposed the fallacy of its once much-vaunted “model” of raising shining cities in the desert with foreign residents, finance and labor.

They have also set in train a power shift toward Abu Dhabi. […]

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