Kuwaiti Islamists mobilise on Syria

Kuwaiti Islamists organised a meeting in past two days to lobby support for the Syria protest movement. It involved Kuwaiti Islamists associated with the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the Salafi trend, all Sunni. The background in Kuwait’s context is that Shi’ites are seen as pro-Assad.

They set up a body they are calling the Gulf League for Solidarity with the Syrian People. It seems there was not much presence of Islamists from the rest of the Gulf, but there was a Bahraini MP there, as well as Hamdi Osman of the Turkish Islamist relief organisation involved in putting up tents for Syrian refugees in Turkey.  

The statement they issued says the group will urge preachers during Ramadan to including in their sermons “prayer to support the Syrian people”, staging marches in favour of the protesters’ demands, and publicising “the crimes committed against the Syrian people and their link to the Safawi regime in Iran”.

One more sign of the Islamist interest in the Syrian unrest as well as the friction between Sunni and Shia in Kuwait. Here’s the text in Arabic: Continue reading Kuwaiti Islamists mobilise on Syria

Iran leader wins plaudits over sectarian strife fatwa

DUBAI Oct 13 (Reuters) – Arab Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims have welcomed a rare religious edict from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei against insulting revered Sunni figures that could help stem sectarian tensions in the Gulf region. The fatwa issued on Sept. 30 was not unusual in itself but the fact that Saudi Shi’ites publicly requested Khamenei’s opinion and that it has been so widely welcomed by Sunnis and Shi’ites suggests Iran is winning the regional clout it craves.